Zombie Tactics

Zombie TacticsBe nimble-footed to head towards Zombie Tactics , all buddies! Zombies have risen up, and they are planning to attack people in the city. Are you willing to help the citizens? Let’s get started!

In this turn-based strategy game, the players’ primary mission is to prevent the undead from attacking innocent people. Let’s support 3 characters (nurse, gunman, and veteran) to fight against them. How? You must be smart and clever to move the characters towards the zombies when seeing blue and green squares appear. In the proper time, they must knock out the enemies to gain the XP points. Don’t let the undead come close to your characters, or you will lose the battle. Remember to let 3 heroes rest if they have no energy to continue carrying out the mission. Earn more experience points to boost the characters’ skills and weapons.

Explaining is enough! Time to experience the intense and thrilling moments! It’s all in Zombie Tactics , so try now!

How to play

The sole key to deal with the game is the mouse.


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