World cup foosball

World cup foosball

It’s time for football, all boys? Guess what do we have for today? Be quick-handed to participate in World cup foosball! Finally, you can become a coach and control a football team. How awesome it is!

Have you played foosball game before? This time, you won’t play it on the real table; instead, you’ll enjoy the fun of it via a big screen. Initially, players are asked to pick a country among 40 nations. Which one captures your attention? Then, set up a plan for the formation of your team. Next, move the main stage to start the main event. The crucial goal is to play against the opposite team and get a win! Lead the ball cleverly and skillfully to shoot the ball into the opponents’ net and score. Don’t forget to block their attack, or you’ll lose the game. If you gain 4 wins in the tournament, the World Cup trophy will be in your hands.

Will you lead your team to the glorious victory? Move to World cup foosball to show whether you can do it!

How to play

Do all things in this game with the mouse.


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