Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

Let’s take a look at Witch Hunt , guys! It’s a shooting action game featuring fun and entertaining story. Want to know more about the ending? Join with us immediately!

In this game, the players have to support a talented and beautiful witch to prevent the goblins from stealing her magical crystal. Get ready to take action? Now, take her to the top of the Ice Tower and guide her to attack them. Like other aiming and shooting games, players must be quick to fire towards the enemies once seeing they’re coming. Bear in mind that they’re crowded, so you must equip her with the most powerful weapon. There’re 2 main powers she can use: the 1st one is the Blaze Rune (shoot flame orbs), and the 2nd one is the Frost Rune (strike with icy spikes). The more goblins you knock out, the more coins you’ll earn. Buy more upgrades to enhance the shooting capacity.

Will the crystal be saved from those greedy monsters? Join in Witch Hunt to take action!

How to play

Shoot: the left mouse.
Use Special: W.
Switch power: Q.


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