Wheely 4: Time Travel

Wheely 4: Time Travel

Lead self towards Wheely 4: Time Travel – the 4th installment of Wheely series right away, dear gamers. Many cool things are worth a discovery!

In this version, Wheely’s wheel is broken; hence, he decides to go to his friend’s garage and asks him to fix the matter. Nevertheless, a magical thing happens to him: he is brought to the prehistoric age! Horrible! How to bring him back to the modern time? The players are asked to solve all problems showed in all of the puzzle stages. In each round, he must reach the final destination to earn star & point. The more stars & points you earn, the more chances to escape from the place. While doing the main task, remember to search for the tiny Wheely’s position to gain bonus.

Got it? No time to waste anymore! Don’t hesitate to set foot to Wheely 4: Time Travel to lend Wheely a hand immediately!

How to play

The mouse is availed to interact with the game.


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