War Elephant

War ElephantBeing a winner in War Elephant will make you surprised with the gift in the end. You are going to take part in different battles in different places. In any of battles, defeating all enemies appearing on your path is a requirement. At the first scene of the game, there is a small board providing information about enemies such as a total number as well as size of troops, unit health, melee damage and range damage.

In addition, remembering number and letter keys is very important. To shoot enemies, you use A or 1 or simply click on Shoot arrow. If you want to run towards opponents and defeat them quickly, F or 4 or clicking on Charge button will assist you. On the left corner of the game field, it shows the maximum elephants you have. Below an elephant, it has a health bar, so the more enemies hit the elephant, the quicker your elephant dies. If all of the elephants are knocked out, you lose the game.

Fortunately, you aren’t alone in battles because Vikings will come to help you if you click on Summon Vikings or G or 5. Besides Vikings, Archers will support you if H or 6 or clicking on Summon Archers is pressed. By the way, you should know that Vikings are good at defending whereas both elephants and Archers are behind the Vikings to shoot. Once you win, you will gain bonuses, unlock new features and move to a next level.

At the bottom of the game field, it shows you enough details as well as instructions about how to shoot, summon Vikings or Archers, and use strategies, so you don’t need to worry and enjoy the game. Try to win all battles and tell us about your victories.

How to play

Left and Right arrows are used to move and Down arrow to stop.


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