Tombik is a naughty boy who is the neighbour of an old man on a beautiful farm. He likes disturbing and annoying the man by his playful games. The man cannot bear anymore! Today, he decides to punish the boy after seeing him stealing his red apples. The chase starts. Don’t help the guy! Instead, guiding Tombik to the safe hide-out now, gamers!

While running ahead to flee from the old man, the boy does not even know that many dangers are also waiting to swallow him. During this journey, just get assured you are skillful and clever at managing his movement and action, dear players! It is impossible to take control over his speed because it is quite automatic. But the most important point is to help him cope with those dangers flawlessly. For instance, guide him to duck under the cows, moving carts, and fences or help him leap over or even avoid sheep.

Give Tombik a chance since the game brings you a lot of happy and funny moments for sure!

How to play

Play the whole game: The arrow keys.


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