Tap Heroes

Tap Heroes

The idle click games, namely Tap Heroes, will surely give you a brand-new feeling. Just click on the Start button to dig deep into its gameplay right now!

The game asks you to role-play a brave warrior who helps people in the village to conquer all monsters ideally. How? At first, try to continuously tap on each creature to clear it from the playing field. Watch the Health bar of both monsters and the hero carefully to seize the current situation. It’s up to you to refill power for the character or defeat the opponents. The more foes players smash, the more coins they will earn at ease. Spend them in buying needful items and upgrades to strengthen his fighting skills. Travel around the unlocked places and hire as many heroes as possible.

Okay, thanks to the appearance of Tap Heroes and its cool stuff, players will savor a great moment!

How to play

The mouse is applied to control the game.


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