Sugar Sugar

Sugar, SugarSugar, Sugar will challenge your quickness, skillfulness, and concentration. Think that you own all with a superior level? To answer this question, please hit Start key on the screen and enjoy right now! The chief task is to fulfill a prescribed amount of sugar for each cup. Look! The sugar will drop from the top.

How to guide the sugar towards the cup? Take the mouse and draw a magical line in the air quickly and accurately. Owing to that, the sugar might enter the cup efficiently without falling down the ground. Whenever entering the next levels, the players need to focus on the screen carefully because they will confront more challenges. For example, they need to separate the red and white sugar into the 2 different cups or avoid letting the sugar tumble down the holes. So, what are you thinking? Feel confident or worried? Try to do and show your best ability!

How to play

To draw the magical lines, use the mouse as the main tool.


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