Strike Force Kitty 2

Strikeforce Kitty 2

Hey, guys! Strike Force Kitty 2 has been released this month! Finally, you can see those cute cats in this game again. What missions we need to perform there? Let’s go!

After being defeated from the 1st season, the evil Fox can’t accept the loss. He continues to enhance his army. And in this chapter, he has sent his minions to the Kitties’ Kingdom for a conquest. You can’t just stand there and watch, guys! Be a brilliant commander and help the kitties fight against the invaders and kick them out of the land. Now, recruit an army with full of kitty warriors. Then, train and bring them to the battleground to face up with the enemies. While performing mission, please avoid colliding with certain obstacles, such as stones, walls, etc. Collect as many fishes as possible to improve the cats’ health.

There’re still many cool features are waiting for you in Strike Force Kitty 2 , so make sure you explore all of things there! Much fun!

How to play

To take control the kitties, use the mouse only.


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