Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force HeroesListen, guys! Let’s jump into Strike Force Heroes immediately! In there, an old scientist is in danger. He needs your help, so don’t waste time anymore. Go now!

Actually, what happened there? Steven – the scientist – has found the final result for his chemical formula. However, he soon discovered that there are some people sneaked in his experimental factory and planned to create a large number of bombs. At this moment, your main aim is to support Steven to defeat all the bad guys and protect human’s life. Fully-prepared? Let’s guide him to move around the factory to find the enemies. Once seeing them, don’t hesitate to aim and shoot towards them right away, or they will fire you back. Keep playing to unlock 65 advanced weapons in total as well as upgrade Steven’s shooting ability.

Now, are you ready to conquer all 4 main challenging and interesting classes in Strike Force Heroes ? Go there and take action!

How to play

Move: WASD/arrow keys.
Jump: W/Spacebar.
Aim and shoot: mouse.
Activate Killstreak: E/Ctrl.
R key is to reload.
Switch weapons: Q/Shift.


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