Stick War

Stick War

Every player of Stick War has a chance to experience the real role of a commander since the game mainly depicts a war between two opposing territories – the Red Stickmen and Black Stickmen. Get ready? Here we are!

At present, please take control of the Black Stickmen troop to the resounding victory. How? The first job is about strengthening the troop by mining and assembling gold ingots from the mine. Then, recruit workers as many as possible! Consider deploying each stickman warrior on the battlefield to prevail against the Red Stickmen troop. All the equipment items, upgrades, and weapons also play a vital role in honing the home troop! Hence, purchase them between stages and continue with the more fierce combats.

Let Stick War make your dream of becoming a brilliant general come true. Wow! How fascinating the idea is! Let’s go!

How to play

Use the mouse to enjoy Stick War.


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