Stick War 2

Stick War 2Come to play the latest version – Stick War 2 to see how many enemies you can beat in each battle, guys. In the game, players will control a strong army of stickmen. Their main task is to protect the world from attacks of bad forces.

Hurry up to get ready for turbulent battles now, guys. Firstly, the players have to train their units. Then, send them to the battlefield, and soldiers will move towards enemies and kill them. Try to reach their base and destroy it. Never let any rival get inside your own land, or they capture it, guys. After earning some money from eliminating the enemies, the players can spend it on upgrading weapons and skills. If your units cannot break the rivals down, please use special attacks to support them.

Enjoy Stick War 2 and get all battle wins, guys!

How to play

The left and right keys are to move the map.
The mouse is to interact.


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