Spartans vs Goblins

Spartans vs GoblinsYour beautiful territory is threatened by a troop of hostile goblins. If you don’t do anything, your territory will be ruined and your people will die. Be swift to ask for Spartans’ help by landing on Spartans vs Goblins! Are you willing to fight against the goblins? Here we go!

Let’s look at the main screen of this game! The Spartans are on the left, and the goblins are on the right. The main request is to leave no moves so that the goblins may leave out before attacking. Hence, players need to show their intellect to guide the Spartans. For the first time, they just direct one Spartan to move forwards about 3 blocks. So, please work out carefully to stop the goblins’ waves successfully. Whenever performing well, the scores will be increased and added. Pull your socks up to get the highest score! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse only.


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