Snail Bob

Snail BobSnail Bob is known as the first adventure of a little snail named Bob. His small house was destroyed by an excavator. To protect himself, he needs to look for another house as soon as possible. So, all gamer lovers, please support him by showing your enthusiasm right now! At this time, players need to help Snail Bob to overcome 20 stages to approach a new place. Of course, everything isn’t simple because there are lots of obstacles for each level. Therefore, the players need to be skillful and wise to control the little snail. Take advantage of available tools as buttons, robs, etc. in order to assist him to come to the Exit door soon. Try to do well and quickly to add more score, okay? Moreover, remember to hit on x2 – the special button – to let the snail move faster. Be ready to act? Here we go!

How to play

All will be controlled by the mouse.


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