Snail Bob 8 Island Story

Snail Bob 8: Island Story

Hey, guys! Did you hear something about the new update of the Snail Bob series’? If not, take time to join in Snail Bob 8 Island Story – another interesting story about Bob, the snail. Don’t skip it, ok?

What’s new and special in this 8th installment? Bob and his grandpa are making a journey at the Snowflake Island. While going fishing, the young snail is suddenly kidnapped by Mr. Green. Now, he’s in a horrifying place! The players must assist him right away! With this puzzle game, you’re asked to handle all the problems throughout the adventure to gain the final win. Use your skills to bring Bob to all the exit doors! Be careful and smart to prevent obstacles and creatures from attack him, simultaneously, direct him how to destroy blocks and make use of buttons or tools for movement. Look for 3 golden stars in every stage to earn extra points.

Will Bob and his grandpa have a nice trip together? Go to Snail Bob 8 Island Story to play and see!

How to play

Use the mouse to guide Bob.


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