Slimey’s Quest

Slimey's Quest

Don’t be hesitant to travel to Slimey’s Quest and have an exciting adventure in there with a little critter! Lots of mysteries in that strange world, are you ready to uncover it? There we go!

Even though the game has simple graphics, it still brings the joy, fun, and interest to the players. Look! That critter is struggling by himself over there! Approach him to find out what happened! Well, according to what he said, he got lost in this magnetic place, and there’s no escape way. Players must support him now! In here, everything will only appear once you push the Red button. All you have to do is guiding the creature to jump on the platforms one by one. Whenever the button’s tapped, another scene will show up. To know the next challenge, he needs to deal with the current challenges successfully. Continue performing the task until figuring out the exit door.

Let’s see, can you help the critter conquer the difficulties in here. Enjoy Slimey’s Quest now!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move.
Press Spacebar to jump.


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