Sky Quest

Sky Quest

What will occur in a special fight between a Divine and cruel critters in Sky Quest ? If you want to know it clearly, be quick to take part in with us at this time.

Truly, this fight occurred for a long time. That’s why the Divine decided to find out the main person in thee lead in order to stop everything. Hence, players should travel with him and give a helpful hand. Look! They need to enter each doubtful place together the Divine to prevent the critters’ attack from his territory. Just use the mouse to guide the Divine to move and shoot them down. But, be careful and skilful when facing up with the creatures because their number is terrible and they attack fiercely. Dodge over their assault and counter-attack to defeat the critters soon. Additionally, don’t miss adding vital skills or improve the power to come to the final victory soon!

Let’s take this great chance in Sky Quest , express your ability, and wish you succeed!

How to play

All are played with the mouse.


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