Shark Lifting 2

Shark Lifting 2

What’s going on during Shark Lifting 2 – the sequel to Shark Lifting? Eyebrows will surely be raised after enjoying the terrific game with innovations. Try it here now!

After a few years of participating in a wrestling circuit, a seasoned wrestler with the name “Masivv Von Sowledre” had decided to change his current career. To him, beach-life lifting has recently become a top priority of many people. What is specific about the beach-life lifting? It is actually considered a small arena at the beach in which wrestlers must do a job of lifting a big shark for the final victory. Sound cool to enjoy? Wonder whether or not Sowledre is able to win the competition? With your assistance, nothing is impossible, I bet! Simply make constant hits to have the bright result.

Get ready? Prove your ability by engaging in Shark Lifting 2 now, dear all players. Let’s go!

How to play

Tap the left mouse to activate Shark Lifting 2.


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