Sentry Knight

Sentry KnightA new, challenging, and thrilling battle in Sentry Knight is waiting for you. If you are confident enough, be quick to hit Start button on the main screen and perform that right now. The main request is to assist a brave knight to protect a kingdom’s sentry from aggressive critters.

How to do? Players just move the mouse towards each critter in such a way that the knight can shoot it down accurately. Try to do quickly to stop the critters from approaching the sentry successfully. Got it? In addition, whenever fighting, the players can add some valuable coins or receive special skills from killing the critters. Furthermore, if completing each wave well, a new ability will be also supplemented. Time to gather as many as possible to increase the knight’s effectiveness! Act and wish you succeed!


The mouse is to aim.
1-5 keys are to use the abilities.


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