Run Ninja Run 2

Run Ninja Run 2

Another thrilling expedition of Ninja continues shocking its fans. Today, he disturbs guards of a noblewoman’s house for unknown reasons. Therefore, they chase to kill him at any cost! The best way to escape from them is to run ahead as fast as possible! Want to become the Ninja’s companion to overcome all challenges of Run Ninja Run 2 – a running game? Sounds amazing, right?

It is more special to notice that the Ninja will automatically and constantly run forward. So, you are simply tasked with supporting him in jumping over high walls, rocks, planks, roof-tops, and others barriers along the way. Collect plenty of gold coins if possible to enhance the budget. At the end, open the shop to make deals on other handy upgrades for him.

Hope that you will be cheerful and satisfied in Run Ninja Run 2. Come on!

How to play

Jump by the up arrow key.
Attack by the spacebar key.


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