Run 3

Run 3If you’re a big fan of the Run series, you can’t miss Run 3 – the 3rd installment, right? Be ready to explore what’s cool in this latest edition? Let’s check it out!

In there, the players’ one and only goal is to support a little creature to run through different tunnels. Have enough ability to perform this tough task? Try now! To take that creature to the finish line, you have to overcome plenty of difficult obstacles and deadly gaps. While controlling him, please pay careful attention to several deep holes. Don’t ever let him fall into there, or he can’t take on the challenge anymore. Be skillful and clever to instruct him how to rotate the platform to run in a safe place. Got it? The longer the creature runs, the higher score you will attain. Keep playing to unlock new levels with the faster speed.

Can’t wait any longer? Be quick-handed to land on Run 3 and express your running capacity! Let’s set a high record with this game!

How to play

Press ASDW keys to run.
Tap spacebar to jump.


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