Road Of Fury 2

Road Of Fury 2

You know what? Here comes a place where you can experience the thrilling and intense feeling! Travel to Road Of Fury 2 to deal with a challenging mission while controlling an awesome vehicle. Get ahead!

In this action driving game, the players are responsible for directing Cole, a strong gunman. You must help him complete a crucial duty – defeating all the chasers wanting to steal his secret weapon – the Exploding Orb. Ok, be clever and skillful to control a modern car, at the same time, express your brilliant capacity in shooting to knock out the enemies and other flying UFOs. Never underestimate them as they can attack you back anytime, remember to observe the screen frequently. Players are given a powerful nuclear engine for the car, but don’t forget to upgrade it with more advanced boosters. Keep obtaining coins and needful power-ups on the way!

Come to Road Of Fury 2 to witness lots of amazing shooting scenes! Much fun, guys!

How to play

Mouse: Aim and shoot.
1-3 keys: Turn on the engine.


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