RazeYou are a great solider and you need to join in a training course before being sent into the war. Are you ready to take up this task? No time for thinking and waiting! Come into Raze now! As we said above, players need to complete the training course in order to have a good preparation before fighting. How to move, jump, aim and shoot, defend, use special skills, etc?

Try to learn all carefully to move forwards Human Mode and start fighting the first war! At this time, the players need to show their best skill to guide their soldier to carry out a main mission – find and kill enemies, search for advanced weapons on the road, preserve his life, and so on. Lots of things to execute and many obstacles to overcome, think that you can accomplish all excellently and then become the most talented soldier? Let’s play and see the final result!

How to play

Tap WASD/arrow keys to move around.
Tap spacebar to jump.
Tap the mouse to aim and shoot.
Tap Q/E or Enter or 0-9 to choose the weapons.


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