Raze 3


Coming to Raze 3, all players will be led towards a thrilling & attractive story about the humans’ survival. With the advanced equipment & machines, lots of the horrible aliens are reaching the Earth for the purpose of conquering it. As a brave hero, get nimble-footed to show off your talent to destroy all of these foes right now!

At that time, the first mission you must handle is to train the picked superhero, and then let him learn some basic skills for the fight. After that, guide him to the platforms so that he can roam around the facility and choose the best weapons to attack all opponents. Of course, they’ll also launch counter-attacks against him, so try to be swift-fingered and have wise reflections to confront them all.

Get ready for the upcoming challenge in Raze-3? Let’s go!

How to play

Move: Arrow or WASD keys.
Aim & shoot: The left mouse.
Alter the weapons: The Q or E key.
Use the rockets: The F or Ctrl key.


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