Raze 2

Raze 2 FreeHi, all Raze fans! You must have awaited the latest version of Raze for a long period, right? It’s time to shout out as Raze 2 has been launched, guys! Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy many cool features in this chapter. Continue at part one’s ending, the players will take a role as a brave human hero to save the world from the enemies’ attacks.

At first, let’s choose one particular campaign, and lead your hero to go around the city to search for the enemies and kill them. With lots of advanced weapons, players should take this advantage to aim the targets correctly and shoot them all. Players need to pick up some scattered power-ups on the floor to enhance your character’s power. Don’t forget to take your hero to the Storage to prepare powerful weapons, equipment, and abilities to protect human from the worst time. Don’t waste time anymore! Go there and have fun!

How to play

Move: arrow keys.
Aim and shoot: mouse.
Special attacks: number keys.
Use abilities: Ctrl.
Change weapon: Q/E.


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