Pre Civilization Bronze Age

Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

Know what? At leisure, nothing is better than landing on Pre Civilization Bronze Age , as you’ll be given a chance to discover how people in this age created tools and built houses without any modern machine. Here we are!

Coming here, and players will role-play a head of a tribe. They’re all required to build and mange the population and a vast land. So as to help your tribe flourish, it’s important to accomplish all requiring jobs. See! The tribesmen are hungry; so they have no energy to work. At that time, you have to hire more farmers to plant more fruits & vegetables; and some of them may take care of animals (cows, sheep, and more). It’s not necessary to deal with any enemy at the beginning. However, if you recruit an army of warriors, then it’s a must, remember! Don’t mind training them how to attack invaders and protect villagers and the land. Following all instructions is also advised!

Everything is all right! Enter Pre Civilization Bronze Age to show us what you can do now!

How to play

The mouse is only used to activate the game.


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