Pinata Hunter 3

Pinata Hunter 3

Finally, the Pinata Hunter 3 is now available to enjoy, players! Many cool features are also added in this latest version. Does it meet my expectation? Find the final answer by joining with us now!

As the newcomers, all you must do is to use an available wooden stick to continuously hit the pinatas. Simply, there are dozens of candies stuffed into each piñata; thus, you’ll collect many of them while hitting. In the process of whacking, the sweets shall also be thrown out. It is time to avail a bucket and then move it to any direction to gain candies as many as possible. Do best to fill the bar in the shortest time for acquiring more points. Then, buy upgrades as they’re really useful for improving your whacking speed as well as ability.

Don’t be reluctant any longer! Please engage in Pinata Hunter 3 and discover this great game instantly!

How to play

This game is chiefly controlled by using the mouse.


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