Naruto Bike Ride

Naruto Bike RideHave a visit on Naruto Bike Ride and take a cool chance to guide a special character – Naruto! Are you confident totally in your control? Is it good enough to help this character complete all of the stages in this game? Come and prove yourself now!

Similar to other running games, players need to use prescribed buttons proficiently. Relying on that, they can guide their character to drive his bike and run towards obstacles on the road quickly and safely. Remember to avail these buttons carefully to create a firmed balance in such a way that Naruto can not fall on his back with arms and feet pointing upward. Hence, the players are required to be extremely serious and careful. In addition, try to attain the shortest time after fulfilling all of the stages here.

Think that you can finish all in Naruto Bike Ride well? Time to check out your true ability!

How to play

The arrow keys are to guide Naruto.


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