Minecraft Tower Defense

Minecraft Tower DefenseHave a visit on Minecraft Tower Defense, all Minecraft addicts! Supporting Steve is one of the most important tasks that you need to complete when landing on the Minecraft. So, please give him a helpful hand to confront a huge troop of bizarre critters!

Here we are! The main request is to protect Steve’s house by placing necessary turrets and traps. However, to do it, players need to assist him to dig a straight road from the critters’ place to his house. After that, open an Inventory and use available blocks to purchase some. Remember to place these things orderly and wisely in order to defeat more and more critters. Owing to that, the players could earn lots of blocks to purchase more or upgrade the current ones. Make a great deal of effort to stop any unlucky thing from happening to Steve’s house. Wish you finish this game well and good luck to you!

How to play

The chief key to take control of this game is the mouse.


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