Minecraft Tower Defense New

Minecraft Tower Defense New

So, get thirsty for strategy game? We highly advise you to enter Minecraft Tower Defense New so as to please your gaming desires for beating up the enemies as well as protecting your own bastions.

Don’t be worried about the bad creatures you have got to encounter throughout this 2D game, which is based on the famed Minecraft game series. Meanwhile, please keep yourself cautious to any rivals ahead because they’re very crowded! Feel free to face up to the Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, and so on, which appear one by one in the warfare by setting up the given swords along the path. More interestingly, whenever the skeletons die, players have permission to gather their bones or any material (iron and diamond). Remember not ever let them approach any closer to you; otherwise, you will lose all hearts of life.

Developed by The Paper Pillot, Minecraft Tower Defense New is all controlled by using the diamond swords to fight against the enemies.

How to play

The left-click is used to equip the sword and play the game.


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