Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Minecraft Tower Defense 2After building a big city – Happyville, Steve faced up to a huge problem. A troop of dangerous creatures from the Minecraft world came and ruined many great buildings. Terribly, lots of his friends were killed, too. Therefore, he needs your support to stop the creatures’ assault. Please move on to Minecraft Tower Defense 2 and give him a helpful hand!

First of all, let’s dig a straight path towards a green area in order to put necessary traps down. Of course, there are a lot of traps in an Inventory, and players need to own more blocks to purchase. Consider carefully and then place orderly to defeat as many creatures as possible. Try to complete the first stage well to continue the next ones. Nevertheless, be cautious because the creatures could attack from many different ways. That’s why the players should show their best attempt to help Steve. Good luck! The game is played with the mouse.


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  1. hi i would realy like this game if it wasnt for this stupid computer. when i try to play it my computer turns itself off even though the charger is in!

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