Mine Blocks

Mine BlocksOne of the first versions of Minecraft creative games is Mine Blocks. If being a full fan of this world, it’s certain you know it clearly, right? Don’t waste time any longer! Come with us in order to relish terrific moments, guys! The chief task is to support Steve to design another appearance for his own world.

Firstly, please follow and carry out prescribed tasks chronologically i.e. mine and collect a wood, try to open an Inventory and place that wood, learn to craft some necessary items and so on. Whenever doing, remember to avoid some risky things (cactus blocks, for example) or delete some needless blocks to get a spacious area. With 15 levels, players need to fulfill all to acquire a huge assistance for the important mission – perfect Steve’s land with nice and splendid constructions. Time to illustrate your excellent imagination and creativeness to complete all!

How to play

The WASD or arrow keys are to move around.
The mouse is to mine (hold it) and place the blocks (connect with Shift).
Ctrl and T keys are to open Inventory and Task List.


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