Mario Racing Star

Mario Racing Star

Time to join in a terrific race in Mario world – Mario Racing Star ! Have you ever tried playing this cool game before? Don’t be hesitant anymore! Travel with us to relish now!

There are 4 main racers in total, including Mario, Wario, Luigi, and Yoshi. First of all, players need to choose their favorite character to start a long race with 10 stages. The main request is to overcome the other racers to attain the 1st position in each stage. Therefore, the players need to show their best running skill to guide their chosen character to gain the best result. Keep in mind that whenever running, don’t skip using Nitro to increase the speed, collecting more M medals to increase the score, and avoiding colliding with anyone to protect health.

There are lots of thing to do in Mario Racing Star , right? Reckon that you own enough ability to finish? Take action and wish you succeed!

How to play

Hit arrow keys to run.
Hit N to use Nitro.


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