Last Town

Last Town

There is a terrible story in Last Town. What is that? A nice town has just been cast a curse by two ugly witches. Under the curse, dozens of monsters flock to the area with the aim of ruining everything here. It’s time to start struggling against the enemies now!

Tactically place farmers, assassins, villagers, and other towers along the path to prevent the invaders from approaching the town’s entrance. That’s also an important task every player must fulfill. With the big success of the previous combats, you’ll also accumulate a considerable amount of cash. Spend such the collected fund on power-ups and upgrades for the current protective system. Do best to complete the tough mission with confidence.

Believe that you can eliminate all of the foes? Change your taste by enjoying this game right now! Good luck!

How to play

The game is simply played by using the left mouse.


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