Knightmare Tower

Knightmare TowerMy dear friends! Hurry up to help your knight complete his campaign in saving all citizens from a very high tower in a cool game – Knightmare Tower . In the game, players will guide their knight to the destination by launching him. Wow! It is so credible.

Come on and see how high you can throw up your character. The higher he gets, the nearer he reaches the knighmare tower. Along the way, he meets a lot of creatures and ghosts. Use his powerful sword to slice and kill them. Try to destroy as many monsters as possible to gain high scores. During the game, don’t forget to grab explosives for exploding nearby creatures. If letting any of them eat the knight, a life will be gone. Hope you save all people before running out of all your lives.

Good luck to you in Knightmare Tower , guys!

How to play

The Down key is to launch the knight.
The mouse is to slice monsters.


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