King Of Fighters V 1.3

King Of Fighters V 1.3Hi guys! The series of multiplayer game King Of Fighters has attracted many gamers all over the world. They have just released a new version recently: King Of Fighters V 1.3. Similar to any previous bother, this game is a martial arts game for two players. Select the character that you guys like. Use your fighting skills and strategy tactic to defeat each other. There are hundreds of weapons for you to choose. Are you excited enough to dip yourself into one of the most amazing battles ever? Let’s start!


Player 1: S, D keys for movement.
J, U are to punch.
W is to jump.
L is to duck.
K is to kick.
Use O for special attack.
Player 2: Arrow keys for movement.
1, 4 are to punch.
Up arrow key is to jump.
3 is to duck.
2, 5 are to kick.
Use 6 for special attack.


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