Keeper of the Grove 2

Keeper of the Grove 2A big TD fan surely doesn’t skip the coolest TD game; that’s, Keeper of the Grove 2 ! With some slightly changes in this 2nd edition, the players can’t expect anything more than this game.

In there, the players are given a fairy land, and their crucial objective is to protect it from the enemies’ destruction. Think of a strategic plan, and then, use available funds to purchase powerful towers and guardians. Place them logically along the path to defend the land. See a mine with of precious stones at the end of the road? Don’t ever let any invaders touch them; otherwise, they will steal them. The more enemies are killed, the more cash will be added to the total budget. Buy and upgrade your units as well as boosting your protection system.

Ok, don’t be reluctant to step into Keeper of the Grove 2 ! Will you bring the peace back to the land? Challenge now!

How to play

The mouse is the chief key to enjoy the game.


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