Iron Knight

Iron Knight

How you doing recently? Have you played Iron Knight yet? If not, try now and tell us your feeling as well as experience. Alright, hurry up! A person in that place needs your help at this moment. Play to solve the problem!

When moving to the main screen, you must assist a warrior in defending the King’s Castle from the enemies’ invasion. To accomplish the game perfectly, please accomplish the required tasks clearly and successfully. At first, the players have to prepare weapons carefully before enemies gang together to destruct this place. Wander around and look for vital items to repair the Castle’s doors. Reconstruct the entrance doors is the most significant thing, remember! Observe any direction in case the rivals attack you surprisingly. Once they approach your territory, let’s find a place for hiding first, and then, don’t hesitate to shoot at them with a gun.

Take part in Iron Knight to help the warrior as well as prove your capacities! Have fun!

How to play

The arrow keys – Walk.
E – Gather items.
The mouse – Aim & Shoot.


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