Headless Zombie 2

Headless Zombie 2

Take a bit of free time to enjoy Headless Zombie 2 – the 2nd installment of the puzzle series: Headless Zombie. Here, a poor creature needs your help, so hurry up!

Actually, Carl – the zombie – was human before; however, because of a tragic accident, he became a wandering zombie. Now, he wants to turn into the human again as there are lots of things he still not finishes yet. His only hope at this moment is Dr. Tesla – a brilliant scientist. However, to reach the scientist’s place, Carl must overcome a long way and face with many kinds of creatures and obstacles. Guide him to move from one place to another in order to find keys, open doors, collect cogs, snatch gold flowers, and enter escape exit. Remember to take his advantage; that’s, pull off his head from his body solve hard puzzles along the way

Now, prepare yourself and visit Headless Zombie 2 to support Carl now! Much fun!

How to play

WASD/arrow keys are to move around.
Spacebar is to pull off the head.


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