Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels Demo FreeTime to try something special, challenging, savage, and frantic in Happy Wheels Unblocked Games! Have you ever savored this game yet? Are you curious about it? Don’t ask anymore! Come with us and discover right away! Players will be brought to an unusual running game. Take a look at one among 5 available characters with different vehicle. Choose freely and then enter the main race. Remember that the players need to be skilful and cautious because it’s not simple to control the character. Moreover, they also face up to a dangerous road. Observe some obstacles such as bombs, spike traps, etc. on the road and be quick to avoid them. Otherwise, the character will be hurt, and the game will be over immediately. Ah, don’t forget to use some available actions for emergency cases. Try to express your best running talent to acquire a noble win! Good luck!

How to play

Direction: arrow keys.
Use actions: spacebar and Shift/Ctrl.
Eject: Z.


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