Gun Mayhem

Gun MayhemBeing one of the famous and cool shooting game series on the net, Gun Mayhem will certainly satisfy all players who desire to enhance their shooting capacity and agility. Would you love to take yourself to this cool game and begin exploring the first challenge? Here we go!

Take a glance at the initial view! The game has a Tutorial, 8 medium levels, and 2 massive challenges for veterans. At the beginning, open the Tutorial and train the shooting ability and agility of the main character that you will be responsible for controlling. As seeing, he is holding a rifle, and your task is to guide him around platforms to defeat the opponent with this weapon. Another important point is to evade the opponent’s sudden attacks. In urgent cases, don’t forget about his dynamite. Try not to fall out of the platforms, or his lives will decrease. Good luck!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move.
Use the [ key to shoot and the ] key to throw dynamite.


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