Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2Let’s land on Gun Mayhem 2 – a terrific game for those who love shooting! Definitively, it’s a great chance to give your name on the board of excellent sharpshooters. Are you fully-prepared to perform this task? No time to wait! Here we go! Players will receive a special character to join in 16 different stages before becoming the sharpshooter.

Their main objective is to shoot down each opponent by using the gun and bombs. Hence, it requires the players to demonstrate their best skill in guiding the character to move around a risky platform. At the same time, be quick and alert to use bombs and gun to destroy the opponent. Of course, beware of their counter-attack to preserve the character’s life. Additionally, don’t miss taking some falling boxes to obtain amazing supports. Believe in yourself, guys? Let’s show it and hope you attain the final truthful success!

How to play

Tap arrow keys for direction.
Tap Z to shoot.
Tap X to throw the bombs.


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