Gemcraft Labyrinth

Gemcraft LabyrinthWant to try a new TD game? Let’s set foot to Gemcraft Labyrinth and experience amazing things in there! No time for waiting, guys! Let’s go!

In the Labyrinth Kingdom, there is a magical orb used to keep people away dangers or threats. However, the hostiles from somewhere want to steal it for their evil purposes. So, they decided to approach the King’s castle. Be quick to enter that place and protect the orb from those enemies. At first, look around the playing field to determine their direction. Next, choose some useful items from the magical board and take them to the Crafting place. Let’s create powerful weapons to destroy all of the hostiles. After that, players just need to place them along the path. Don’t ever let any of the enemies reach the orb’s station. Oh, remember to collect more manas to perform everything in this game.

Can you accomplish the mission well? If yes, let’s access to Gemcraft Labyrinth and challenge instantly! Good luck!

How to play

This game is mainly controlled by the mouse.


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