Fatal Fighters

Fatal Fighters

What’s up, buddies? Get ready for the upcoming game? Pack your bag and join in Fatal Fighters – a fantastic action game! In here, you need to face the most dangerous and mortal combat. Let’s relish immediately!

Before starting the battle, please choose one fighter among 7 unique characters. From this moment, you will be the companion of the selected hero. What’s the chief target in this game? Look at the main screen! Let’s match gemstones to increase the fighter’s fighting skills. Connect those same-colored blocks to remove from the playing field. Pay attention to the bars from the right side! Once they’re filled, hurry to activate the Special Attack to battle against the opponents. Remember, the one who survives in this fatal tournament is the strongest fighter. Avoid causing any miserable situation to preserve the character’s health, or the game will end.

Will you be the champion in Fatal Fighters? Express your intellect and power, guys!

How to play

Interact with the game by using the mouse.


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