Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle FantasyYou want to try an incredible RPG? Let’s we provide an excellent game in which offers thrilling features, amazing strategies, and hard challenges; that’s Epic Battle Fantasy. Don’t waste time anymore! It’s time to take actions, my friends! As this game is considered as a turn-based flash fighting game, players have to control 2 witches and guide them to get over plenty of battles with cruel creatures.

At first, use available budget to purchase some powerful potions to prepare for the fights. Then, access to the battleground to express your capacity and cleverness. Take full advantage of the weapons, magical potions, as well as logical strategies to defeat as many monsters as possible. Please be careful of their wise counter-attacks, or 2 witches’ health will decrease. Don’t forget to use EX points to enhance your characters’ power by purchasing different upgrades. Alright, good luck to you!

How to play

This amazing game is mainly played by using the left mouse.


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