Elephant Quest

Elephant QuestWant to help your big elephant win all quests in a very interesting game – Elephant Quest , guys? Come to play it and see how many levels you can aid him to get victories.

In the game, the main task of the elephant is to go around the world and rescue all other elephants from cages. At first, players need to guide this cute animal to challenging areas. Along the way, they have to be careful with obstacles like spikes, lava, rocks, stones, and many others which cause damage to him. Never let any perilous monsters eat him, or the rescue will stop. If getting lost or misunderstanding anything, please talk to the other animals and find the right way. When the elephant reaches the door, it means that you complete your level.

Good luck and have fun with Elephant Quest , guys!

How to play

The arrow keys are to move.
The mouse is to shoot and interact.


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