Dream Car Racing Evo

Dream Car Racing Evo

It’s time to check the nice game: Dream Car Racing Evo, all friends! In this driving game, what do you have to perform? Let equip yourself with basic skills and sneak into the main screen!

Throughout the game, the players shall not only witness the spectacular races, but also get a chance to create their dream vehicle. Seems awesome, huh? In here, you’ll be given different parts of the car. Be skillful to combine them ideally so that your car can be faster and more powerful than before. After making the car, you need to take part in a race to check the result of your work! Bear in mind, the car still needs more improvements, so don’t forget to assist it in overcoming obstacles.

Don’t crash it into any barriers, ok? Time to get a desirable car for yourself with Dream Car Racing Evo! Have a fantastic moment!

How to play

Drive: WASD or arrow keys.
Boost the engine: Spacebar.
Interact with the game: The mouse.


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