Dragon Defender

Dragon DefenderAccess Dragon Defender and receive a very important mission, all game lovers! Are you curious about it? Reckon that you have enough capacity to complete? Go with us to try! Right now, players will become a great ruler of Umrian forest. They need to guide their people to collect available dragon eggs in order to resuscitate the Dragon Queen. However, there are lots of evil men appearing and attacking the people.

Their main is to steal the dragon eggs and vandalize the Dragon Queen. Therefore, the players need to hire available Heroes and place them along the road to attack the men automatically. Besides, don’t forget to add some Special Abilities to enhance the Hero’s fighting faculty. Importantly, try to keep at least 50 eggs successfully to move on to the next levels as well as unlocking new Heroes. Let’s do everything to wipe out the men soon! Play and have more fun, guys!

How to play

All are controlled by the mouse.


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