Dragon Ball Fighting

Dragon Ball FightingLove Dragon Ball, a funny comic book as well as a manga series published by the Japanese producer? Then, it’s absolutely sure that you have ever thirsted for becoming heroes and fighters to experience adventures of this masterpiece at least once, right? Don’t hesitate to get involved in Dragon Ball Fighting – a fighting game based on Dragon Ball and enjoy fighting competitions as the strong and brave comic stars fighting. Let’s go! Everything you will relish here is to control your favorite fighter when he is on an arena so that he can knock out the opponent by beautiful kung fu performances. Combine suitable keys on the keyboard to make violent and sudden attacks on the target. By the way, it’s significant to avoid the enemy’s counter-attacks. Be careful!

How to play

Player 1.
The ASDW keys are to move, and the UIOJKL keys are to attack.
Player 2.
The arrow keys are to move, and the 123456 keys are to attack.


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