Death Squad

Death Squad

Horribly! The “Death Squad” has sent to patrol the evil hostile, coming from the outer worlds. There is no time to think any longer! Start your adventure instantly! For more insightful info, enter here now!

Well, there’re many things to do in the game, such as defeating the foes, finding new tools, upgrading weapons & ships, etc. To win a glorious victory, do best to accomplish all the tasks by all means! Remember to press the “Abilities mode” button in the left side of the screen for the permanent bonuses, and tap the “Stats & achievements” button to seek for something useful. Of course, it’s a must to follow all the in-game instructions accordingly to end up the nice trip stunningly and perfectly.

When getting self dipped into the drama and thrilling atmosphere in Death Squad, you should be confident and clever! Good luck to all my buddies!

How to play

The left mouse is applied to controlling the entire game.


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